Marspec Technical Products is pleased to represent some of the world’s best-known valve and valve automation manufacturers. We specialize in valves for corrosive, toxic and high purity applications and we have the expertise to help you apply them to your requirements.

Our valve automation facility was one of the first in our trading area, opening in 1982. Marspec provides automated valve packages to precisely meet any customer need. From simple on-off automation to elaborate valve controls, we have the equipment and know-how to create the exact package required in your specifications.


  • Ball valves lined with PFA, FEP, PVDF or ceramics.
  • Multi-port ball valves lined with PFA, FEP.
  • Tank bottom valves lined with PFA, FEP.
  • Check valves and strainers lined with PFA, FEP.


  • Plug valves -steel and exotic alloys, plastic lined & special service plug valves.
  • Butterfly valves -high performance in steel and exotic alloys and plastic lined.


  • Ball valves -flanged, threaded and socket weld in steel, stainless steel and other alloys.
  • Multi-port ball valves.
  • Ball segment control valves.
  • Characterized port ball valves for fine control.


  • Steam pressure regulators- self operated or actuated.
  • Check valves for steam and condensate.


  • DiaFlow diaphragm valves- metal, rubber lined, plastic lined.
  • Fabri-Valve Knife gate valves.
  • Cam-Tite ball valves- carbon, stainless, alloys.
  • Cam-Line ball valves- plastic lined.


  • Specialized control valves for water service, cooling towers, fire control and quench systems.


  • Pressure regulators for air and gas services.


  • Temperature sensing valves for freeze and scald protection.
  • Self-powered temperature sensing valves for process temperature control.