Equipment for Steam

Energy efficiency is more than just reducing a natural gas bill. Best energy practices improve a facility’s productivity and reduce associated maintenance costs through equipment reliability. Marspec Technical Products helps energy-using operations improve their bottom lines through reduced demand for resources.

Marspec has both internal expertise and support from the manufacturers that we represent to help solve the most challenging steam use applications.

TLV steam traps and steam valves


  • Steam traps for all services up to 4,500 psi.
  • Mechanical, thermostatic and thermodynamic steam trap technologies.
  • Non-electric condensate pumps.
  • Distribution and collection manifolds
  • Specialized steam valves.
  • TLV-authorized TrapMan steam trap surveys.
THERM-OMEGA-TECH temperature sensing valves
  • Temperature sensing valves for freeze and scald protection.
  • Steam tracing automation valves.
  • Fixed temperature thermostatic drainers for steam tracing.
  • Steam/water mixing valves.
  • Steam/water mixing hosedown stations.
Speed Wrap low-profile, high tech thermal insulation
  • Low-profile, high tech thermal insulation for pipe and fittings.
  • Water proof, cut to fit, Velcro closure.

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